Our Commitment

Our serious commitment is to provide customers with an excellent design program of the project, warm spring pond, technical training and other after sales services. At the same time, we promise to supply new fish species for our customers with preferential price. Come and test Doctor Fish out today and be amazed!

Please contact John Ho at johnho4306@yahoo.com or (703)930-8232 for further information.

Project Introduction

Dr. Fish treatment and massage is a unique and effective hot spring amusement project newly developed by Dr. Fish Massage Inc. The project of fish treatment and massage adapts to most natural hot springs and all artificial hot springs. These fish have the ability of tolerating high temperatures and also have the propensity of body approaching. While these kind of three to four centimeters long fish which was cultivated by unique techniques and trained by unique methods were put into a hot spring pool, they will clean skin and massage for people. In this way, ecological recreation and warm spring recreation were systematically combined together. This is a totally new created recreation and amusement project. Its concept of "nature, ecology, environment protection, health and recreation" represents the trend of the development of times. The promotion of this project will surely bring innovation in the patterns of the hot spring recreation.

The Benefit of Investment

The successful cases in domestic markets of Japan, show that the project of fish treatment and massage can significantly enhance the popularity of hot springs centre, water recreation club, bathing centre, hotel, and entertainment centre, etc. Moreover, it can effectively make them increase more than 30% amount of customer flow. The period of investment cost earning is generally within three months adding its own benefit.

The Investment Modes

The project of fish treatment and massage adapts to all hot springs, water recreation club, bathing centre, hotel and entertainment centre, etc. The project can be quickly formed by making use of existent hot spring and bathing equipment or slightly modifying them. The investment ways are various without restriction. Our company will provide the following methods to the vast number of investors. We help our clients establish fish treatment projects, and ensure the success. Furthermore, we are sincerely looking forward to waiting distributors around the world to join us. We also welcome clients cooperate this project with our company. We sincerely welcome all investors who are interested in this project to learn more information through visiting our home spa and discuss investment details by any available ways. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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