Experience Doctor Fish

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The good effectiveness of rejuvenation:

These fish can completely get rid of skin smear and aging cortex. They also can make your pore unobstructed to promote blood circulation. Moreover, they have the function of protecting skin and beutifying face to make your skin healthier and more brilliant.

The good effectiveness of releasing fatigue:

These fish have no teeth, uses their powerful sucking lips to suck away deadskin, which can stimulate acupuncture point and modulate nervous system to relax your body and releases your fatigue.

The unexpected and perfect enjoyment:

During the process of fish treatment, you can enjoy a comfortable and wonderful feeling which you can not describe in words. People will not feel the slightest pain or discomfort, but a fascinating experience when the fish are nibbling your skin and massage your body. These fish will bring no harm to you because they are tame, small and gentle.

Ecological recreation and nature return:

Swimming and playing with the Doctor Fish, people can realize the harmony between human and nature. People also can reach the goal of health promotion during the process of healthy recreation.